Children’s screams can drive the most calm adults crazy. However, it is the reaction of the parents who often causes these outbreaks of rage. How to behave correctly if a child rolls a hysteria?

Когда ребенок «включает максимальную громкость» дома, родители, как правило, отправляют чадо в уединенное место, чтобы он успокоился.

However, so adults convey non -verbal messages:

  • “No one is interested in why you cry. We are not worried about your problems, and we will not help you cope with them “.
  • “Blave badly. You are a bad person if you are angry and behave differently from how others expect. “.
  • “Your anger scares us. We do not know how to help you cope with your feelings “.
  • “When you feel anger, the best way to cope with her is to pretend that she is not”.

We were brought up in the same way, and we do not know how to manage with anger – in childhood we were not taught this to this, and now we scream at the children, roll up a hysteria to the spouse or just seize our anger with chocolate and cakes or drink alcohol.

Anger management

Let’s help children responsible for their anger and manage it. To do this, you need to teach them how to take your anger and do not splash it out on others. When we accept this feeling, we discover resentment, fear and sadness under it. If you allow yourself to survive them, then anger passes, because it is only a means of reactive protection.

If the child learns to endure the difficulties of daily life without reactive anger, in adulthood he will be more efficient to negotiate and achieve the goal. Those who know how to control emotions are called emotionally competent.

The child’s emotional literacy is formed when we teach him that all the feelings that he experiences are normal, but his behavior is already a matter of choice.

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