From there, we’ll show how to use services to communicate with a remote server and serve as a domain model for the entire application. After that we’ll dip our toes into some advanced functionality and see how to intercept remote server calls as well as decorate existing services. Whereas controllers are constrained to a specific context, AngularJS services exist to provide functionality that’s available to the entire application. What is considered a regular or normal family in the United States? When society or the individuals within a society designate one kind of family form to be traditional or the norm, this implies a value, or a preference, for this kind of family structure with these particular social characteristics.

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First, theories provide the underlying logic of the occurrence of natural or social phenomena, such as why some members of a family may have an illness such as anorexia or substance use disorder and others do not. They do this by explaining the key drivers and key outcomes of the target phenomenon and why, and what underlying processes are responsible for driving that phenomenon. Second, they aid in sense-making by helping us synthesize prior research findings within a theoretical framework. In doing so, they help us reconcile seemingly contradictory findings by uncovering variables that influence the relationship between two hypotheses in different studies. Third, theories provide guidance for future research by helping identify constructs and relationships that are worthy of further research.

  1. Now we can replace this hard-coded “Mirror” string with the card name coming from the test case.
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  3. Other times, you can rely on an existing cloud platform such as Google’s App Engine to deploy your solution without the need to worry about providing a language runtime or databases.
  4. Third, this article advances managerial practice by exploring the concepts and tools available to productize services and outlining managerial benefits and potential drawbacks of highly productized services.

4.2 Theories and Research

For example, successful service brand development is obtained through a high degree of service orientation, customer involvement, an involvement model of service leadership and a motivated, committed and empowered workforce,… Cultural responsiveness means being aware of cultural factors and responding to them in an appropriate manner as described in figure 1.12. As a human services professional, learning about cultures is a part of your job. You can learn about culture specifically from that culture’s members, but do not expect people from marginalized groups to do all the work of teaching you.

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In addition the mesosystem includes the interactions he might have with a spiritual affiliation/church,community groups or organizations he identifies as part of his exosystem. Family reports history of substance abuse issues as well as struggles with mental health issues, which may indicate possible genetic connections to be explored. Marlon is an adolescent which means his body continues to experience hormonal and physical changes. Within the family, a key element of the microsystem, he is also reported to present with anger, fighting with his siblings and struggling with strained relationships. They propose explanations for the “hows” and “whys” of development and behaviors. Technology evolves dramatically, customer needs keep changing, and new industries emerge.

Philippe Pinel combined his knowledge with Pussin’s principles and developed the moral method. The moral method says that mental illness is an imbalance that the patient has and could be treated with extensive observation and very detailed therapies. This impacted the well-being of mental illness because it benefits the client more rather than punishing them like before.

Professionals interact directly with people and agencies that share the same passion, interest, location, or challenge. The big difference between micro- and mezzo-level social work is that instead of engaging in individual counseling and support, mezzo practitioners help groups of people. For example, a community that has high levels of contamination in its air and water, it may not be enough to advocate for additional health care resources. It may be equally valuable to advocate for the source of pollution to be clearly identified, and pressured to make changes. Professionals are responsible for creation and implementation of human service programs to address large scale social problems. Macro-level social workers often advocate to encourage state and federal governments to change policies to better serve vulnerable populations (Kirst-Ashman & Hull, 2015).

Stay aware that most communities of color did not document or research their practices in the way that the White and European cultures have. Approaches that have been passed down and been effective in these communities are also valid. This effort to be informed is part of your ongoing education as a professional and allows you to collaborate with others and understand your clients’ personal values and preferences. School policies, mental health policies, healthcare systems, culture and historical impacts of group experiences, drug laws and policies, and possible discrimination and prejudice impacts all need to be explored. In particular, conflicting values and beliefs about the use of marijuana are likely impacting Marlon. Philippe Pinel impacted the well-being of those with mental illness by arguing and practicing that individuals with mental illness should be treated with respect and with mental care not with punishments or with persecutions.

Research bias occurs when the research process is skewed by the behaviors or beliefs of the researcher and/or the participants. Bias is an important issue to pay attention to, for both the researcher and those who rely on research findings to make critical decisions in human services programs. Awareness of bias is an essential step in addressing institutional systems of oppression that affect families. This is particularly important for those who navigate stigmatized identities, such as families of color, low-income families, and members of LGBTQ+ communities, to name a few. Bias in research can influence who participates in research, or whether findings are reliable and valid.

There is an important distinction to be made between trauma- informed care and specific trauma services that are medical in nature.Trauma-specific practices are focused medical and psychological interventions, typically practiced by a licensed provider. Examples include treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and addiction recovery. Trauma-informed care has been practiced for centuries, although not always formally acknowledged, amongst Indigenous and chapter 4 models and services Black communities. Indigenous healing movements have focused on restoring family and social relations for centuries. Acknowledging the historical violence against Indigenous, Black, and other people of color is a critical part of diagnosing trauma (Wright et al., 2021). The psychological component includes aspects related to mental health, self-esteem, attitudes/beliefs, temperament, coping skills, emotions, learning, memory, perceptions, and personality.

As simplified explanations of reality, theories may not always provide adequate explanations of complicated relationships. Theories are designed to be simple and brief explanations, while reality may be significantly more complex. Furthermore, theories may impose blinders or limit researchers’ range of vision, causing them to miss out on important concepts that are not defined by the theory. We will see full of patterns and principle toolbox is loading with new patterns and apply them into current designs. We will see latest patterns that we use more than 30 patterns and practices with implementing High scalability, High availability and handle millions of request requirements. We’re going to learn how to Design Microservices Architecture with using Design Patterns, Principles and the Best Practices.

Established theories are then tested through research; however, not all theories are equally suited to scientific investigation. Some theories are difficult to test but are still useful in stimulating debate or providing concepts that have practical application. Keep in mind that theories are not facts; they are guidelines for investigation and practice, and they gain credibility through research that fails to disprove them.

We are going to design with together and step by step with our drawing tool that we will use this designing architectures.We will start with designing Monolithic Architecture. This course is will be the journey of software architecture design with step by step evolving architecture monolithic to event driven microservices. By the end of the course, you will Learn how to handle millions of request with designing system for high availability, high scalability, low latency, and resilience to network failures on microservices distributed architectures.

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